Tips for Working Virtually

Hope you’re all safe, whether it’s from home or remaining healthy if you are essential and absolutely must go to work.

The ideas below are taken from my book titled “Group Dynamics and Team Interventions.” This are tips you may find useful, whether you’re teaching online, working in a virtual group at school, or working on a team project!

The first piece of advice is to match your online task to the technology. Remember, most of us have many different modalities available to us now. First, consider whether you would like a synchronous or an asynchronous tool. Then, determine which tool you have best suits that task.

Franz Table 12.2

The second piece of advice is don’t forget about your users. Some may be technologically adept, some may not. Make sure to consider the team member, the technology, and the tool when making the determinations about how to work.

Franz Figure 12.2 Finally, remain flexible! Many of us are learning these tools on the fly. Have a backup plan and recognize that things will go wrong!

Stay safe and healthy!

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