Meaningful Partnership at Work

Need to increase meaningful partnership at work? Need to build mutual accountability? Try conducting a Workplace Covenant!

Why are some work partnerships exceptional while most are not? How can we establish and sustain an enhanced level of cohesion, connection, and collaboration in the most important work relationship, the one between a manager and team? What could remedy the high levels of isolation and anxiety so many feel at work these days?

This book is a must-read for leaders interested in a better working relationship with their team; for teams who have critical work partnerships with other teams; for individuals who work closely with other individuals and need an exceptional 1:1 partnership; and finally for third-party experts in HR or continuous improvement who are seeking a new powerful way to help clients feel supported and be more successful

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Resources (updated regularly)

The Dreaded 4 Ds
This post on LinkedIn is about the link between dissatisfaction and departure

The Workplace Covenant
This diagram explains how The Workplace Covenant is a practical and easy-to-use process!

What is ERTAP?
This diagram shows the importance of ERTAP

Mindset, model, & medium
A diagram of the mindset, the model, and the medium

Measuring Alignment
If you’re interested in measuring alignment on your team, here is our scale

Measuring Partnership
If you’re interested in measuring partnership, here is our scale

Selected Endorsements for Our Forthcoming Book!

When teams work remotely, managers often ask, “How can I manage them if I can’t see them?” Whether virtual or co-located, however, The Workplace Covenant offers an eminently workable, practical approach that managers and team members will find indispensable to the performance management process. Wayne F. Cascio, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado

The Workplace Covenant: Creating Meaningful Partnership Between Leaders and Their Teams by Silver and Franz represents the next step beyond traditional thinking about employee engagement. While many treatments of engagement focus on how to build passion and commitment among individual workers, The Workplace Covenant focuses on how to build a corporate culture where the promise of engagement matches the corporate culture. Are you a manager or HR person looking for a way to take your organization to higher levels of productivity? If so, you really must look at this book. William J. Rothwell, Ph.D., CPLP Fellow, President, Rothwell & Associates, Inc.