Leadership Insights for Improving Teams

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Nobody likes problem teams. On this site, you’ll find leadership insights for better managing teams and team conflict. The information on this site is for you if:

  • You’re a leader who wants to improve your team
  • You’re a leader who wants to improve your relationships
  • You’re a leader who wants to assess your teamwork abilities
  • You’re part of a team or a team member who wants to learn more about how to improve your work
  • You’re a professor who wants to improve teamwork among your students
  • You teach or train about teamwork and need resources for your classes and seminars

Author: Timothy M. Franz, Ph.D. is an Industrial & Organizational Psychologist at St. John Fisher College. He has been developing teams and organizations for over 25 years.

You’ll find resources on here for all of my books

Meaningful Partnership at Work

Making Team Projects Work for Educators

Group Dynamics and Team Interventions

Making Team Projects Work for Students (Coming in September!)


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