Making Team Projects Work

A Resource for High School and College Educators

By Tim Franz and Lauren Vicker

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Everything you need to know about Using Team Projects and Working in Teams Effectively. Contact us for professional development programs that are tailored to your needs. For information about speaking engagements, email us at

This Week’s Blog Post

Verbal Communication

Need to improve verbal communication in student project teams? We give three tips here.

Blog Posts (Updated Regularly)

Understanding Nonverbals

Want to hear the real story about nonverbal communication? Tim & Lauren talk about it here

Motivating Team Members

What help motivating team members? In this blog post

Improving Team Leadership

Want to improve team leadership on student teams? 5 tips from our guest expert, Dr. Seth R. Silver

Setting Team Roles

What role will you play on your team? How does it affect your team performance?

Setting Team Norms

Need to improve your teamwork and team projects? Consider setting team norms.

Creating a Team Context

In this blog post, Lauren and Tim discuss how to create the context that will better support your team projects

Minimize Social Loafing

Have you ever had social loafing on your team? Here are some tips to reduce it.

Creating a TEAM task

Creating a good team task is much harder than creating an individual task. In this post, We discuss how to create a better team task.

Forming Teams

What are the best ways to form your teams for a project? The answer might really surprise you! Read this post to find out.

Why Team Projects?

Are you considering a team project? Here are three good reasons that you should.

The IPO Model and Inputs

Want to learn more about the inputs to team projects that your students will need?

Reaching Team Consensus

Wonder how to help your team reach consensus? Try these practical tips.

Resources (Updated Regularly)

Chapter 1 of Our Book
Use this resource if you’d like a preview, or as a preread for some of our professional development session

Sample Peer Evaluation Form
This is a sample (jpg) of the peer evaluation form that is in our book

Survey for Forming Teams
In a blog post about how to form teams, we refer to a survey of expertise. This is an example that is relevant to psychology.

The Franz Group IQ Test
We use the Franz Group IQ Test as an icebreaker. You’ll find the test here in Word format so you may modify it as necessary.

Wilderness Survival Task
This is a link to one of the wilderness survival exercises, the Winter Survival Game.

Instructions: Franz Group IQ
This provides instructions for how to use, analyze, and explain the Franz Group IQ test as an icebreaker (and the answers!)

Top 10 List
Our top 10 tips for making your team projects in class successful!

Survey to Assess Leadership
In some PD sessions we’ve discussed how to use an online survey like this one to assess team membership and leadership

Sample Presentation Evaluation
This is a sample (jpg) of the presentation evaluation form that is in our book

Videos and Podcasts

You may use these videos as brief lectures within your class. They cover certain content areas from our book, Making Team Projects Work!

Podcast for LectureBreakers
This is a two-part podcast for LectureBreakers that discusses some of the details from our book. Part 2 is here.

DEI Expert Panel for TBLC 2021
Lauren hosted this Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion panel at the 2021 Team-Based Learning Collaborative Conference, March 4, 2021

Foundations of Teamwork for TBL
This presentation, for TBL Virtual 2021, talks about how teamswork is the foundation for TBL

tea for teaching Podcast
In this podcast, we discuss strategies to help students develop their teamwork skills while addressing complex problems.

How To: Peer Evaluation
Do you use peer evaluation? Have you ever taught your peer evaluators HOW to evaluate each other? Watch this video for ideas.

Better Team Presentations
In this video, Lauren gives 7 tips for students that will help them learn how to give better team presentations .

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