Guidelines for Giving Feedback

 “As a manager, if you are not willing to ask for and accept feedback, then you don’t have the right to give it”

Seth R. Silver

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions”

Ken Blanchard

“Usually, we judge ourselves based on intentions.  But, we judge others, and they judge us, based on behavior”

Rudolf Dreikurs

Problem behavior ignored or tolerated is problem behavior encouraged”

Seth R. Silver

Impact of Not Giving Feedback

  • The person with poor behavior may think everything is okay and there is no need to change anything and undesirable behavior is allowed to continue.
  • Someone who has not received regular feedback can get “surprised” at the end of a project, during a tenure review, or during an annual evaluation.
  • People become demotivated when they see others “getting away with” poor behavior.
  • At work, employees have less trust in a manager when that manager does not hold direct reports accountable

Three Types: Planned feedback; Feedback in the moment; Recovering from explosive feedback.

Guidelines for Planned Feedback:

  • Ask permission to provide feedback
  • Express your intention – to be supportive
  • Praise publicly. When you see good work, say it.  Never let good work go unnoticed
  • Make it private when it’s negative, and as possible as you can, make it positive and developmental
  • Be timely and have the conversation as soon as possible, and at most within one week
  • Self-assessment, if possible, should always come first
  • Prepare in advance. Think through your opening remarks
  • Be cool and deliver your message calmly and objectively
  • Use Start, Stop, and Continue method
  • Use the 80/20 rule: 80% future to 20% past focus in feedback
  • Always end on a positive note

The GROW Coaching Model

  • Goal
  • Reality
  • Options
  • Way forward

Resources about Giving Feedback

Some Relevant Articles/Videos

Other Relevant Articles

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