Writing, writing, writing

This is the summer of writing for me. I have a new laptop, a clean sun porch, and a sailboat in the water. I’ve set some serious reach goals for the summer – two book drafts. One of the books is with my colleague Lauren Vicker, where we are writing about how to make team projects better. The other is with my colleague Seth Silver, where we are writing about a team intervention.

So far, I’m doing pretty well. I’ve really been moving along. I make sure to give myself breaks to bike and work out. I’ve done some (but not many) little projects around the house. And, I’ve worked on some training for National Ski Patrol/Bike Patrol. But, so far, I’ve spent more time writing than I have in years.

Hopefully, this all comes to fruition before the semester starts, and kicks my butt again.

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