Upstate NY Nonprofit Consortium Employee Engagement Survey

If you’ve come to this page, you’re interested in the Upstate NY Nonprofit Consortium Employee Engagement Survey.

Background to the Upstate NY Nonprofit Engagement Survey

Engagement surveys help drive performance in all organizations. Small nonprofit organizations in upstate NY have difficulty identifying cost-effective providers to conduct an engagement survey.  Unfortunately, many major employee survey organizations require considerable startup fees to conduct an engagement survey.

Franz Consulting has been conducting organizational surveys for over 25 years. With this project, we have initiated a nonprofit consortium survey in Upstate NY where we can conduct employee surveys and provide benchmark data. We can do this in a cost-effective way for non-profits as long as we have a minimum of 15 participants.

Why Should You Conduct an Employee Engagement Survey?

  • Give employees a discreet voice in improving your organization
  • Grow your organization in a way that meets strategic directions and employee needs
  • Benchmark your organization against data from other nonprofits
  • Use your employee engagement data to drive alignment, commitment, and organizational performance

Overview of Survey Design

A steering committee of nonprofit leaders guides the survey process and will:

  • Create approximately 12-18 items to measure employee engagement
  • Develop a common set of demographic questions around areas such as division or job level
  • Set timing of the survey
  • Suggest a reporting format

Each organization that participates will get a) a summary report of all of the nonprofits and b) an individual organization report.

Survey Fees Prorated by Size

  • $975 for nonprofits with 10 to 30 FTEs
  • $1475 for nonprofits with 31 to 100 FTEs
  • $1975 for nonprofit organizations with 101 to 300 FTEs

To participate, contact:

  • Timothy M. Franz. Ph.D. at